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There is more to Las Vegas than the Casinos

Traveling to Las Vegas for a one week gambling vacation? Well, you do not expect yourself to be marveling over the Slot and Roulette wheels day in and day out, right? Good thing, Las Vegas offers more amenities and recreation sites in store apart from the casino hotels.

First there are the countless gimmick sites. Las Vegas is roaring with sights and sounds that are out to please every kind of heart. Bars and restaurants are situated closely where the casino hotels are, which is very sensible. When you are winning and you would like to splurge some of your earnings as a reward to yourself and your gambling skill, you do not have to go that far. You can sample an extensive menu through the bars and restaurants located along the Strip.

Aside from eating hubs, Las Vegas is also a perfect shopping getaway. Stores that sell just about every thing that might tickle your fancy are abundant. You will not get short of choices from the many options available. Shopping in Las Vegas can be as luxurious and as cheap, whichever way you like it. Bargain stores are dime a dozen as much as luxury and designer stores are.

Shows, Broadway and musicals are also happening in Las Vegas almost every time. You will never ran out of choices for whatever kind of entertainment you may want to be served because they are all available in this beautiful city. Concert venues and performance halls hold different kids of shows for different brands of moods. There are regular adult entertainment nightly and then some family oriented shows offered weekly to serve vacationers who come along with their young ones.

True enough, there is more to Las Vegas than the casino hotels that it has been known all over the world for. If you are planning for a Las Vegas vacation, make it a complete package. You can stay inside a casino hotel to make gambling accessible, then set aside some of your time to visit the other stunning sites that make up Las Vegas. Every time you feel like treating yourself to another form of entertainment, go outside your hotel room and for sure, you will be able to get what you wished for.

Las Vegas casino hotels also offer inhouse entertainment nightly. But for sure, you would not like to have the same serving every night. So your best resort is to explore the Strip and find what suits your mood best. You may be spending an extra amount of money for it but believe us, it will be all worth it.